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  1. sky_wan


    Does the Trade Student in Swifttrade have to pay 1000 dollars to the company as trainning tuition ?
  2. mnx


    what branch are you talking about?

    This used to be the case in Montreal but is no longer true. I haven't heard of this happening anywhere else.

  3. sky_wan


    Really? I think it is ture all the time.
  4. I paid 300 CAD when i started. Now students do not have to pay at the branch i worked at from what i know.

    Others, never heard of it. Who is trying to make you pay 1k?
  5. dac8555


    unrelated to your question..but relevant to swift..

    I live in Costa Rica, and have a full time market job. I was looking to go part time, and trade part time (bad connection at home, crazy firewall at work).

    So i went to the local swift place to see if they would let me rent a terminal..to trade my own account..just use their computers and connection.

    they tried to hire me.

    guess what % the offered??

    lets just say a REALLY good month i would have taken home maybe $2,000. kind of funny.

    i am sorry...you were saying?
  6. sky_wan


    I don't agree trade part time ,whether do it at home or office.
    I think stock trade requires a lot of vigor.
  7. I just got hired as swiftee in toronto branch, Nobody asked me pay anything for training and people r good.
  8. sky_wan


    How about your treatment? I'm a Trade Student from China.
  9. GGSAE


    I would hope they don't ask for money for training. "Here's a chart, there's a level 2, that'll be $1000"
  10. I have never heard of people paying to be a student, but then again I've only been around for a few months. But at the branch I am at, like others said we didn't pay not a cent, for entitlements or anything of that nature except for our charts.
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