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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BlindLeifo, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Hello,
    I am new to these forums. I was actually brought here by googling "Wizetrade" software. After seeing the reviews, needless to say my heart dropped into my stomache because we have already purchased it. Well, my father purchased it, and we planned on using it to trade together as a team. Unfortunately, he just recently passed away very unexpectedly before I could even finish watching the training DVD's. Today I planned on repurchasing a second license so that I would be able to use the software. I'm glad I came to this site first! So I guess my question is two part:

    1) As a unexperienced trader who is a very quick learner, what would be the best software to analyze independant common stocks? Learning curve is not a problem.

    2) Why is Wize-Trade such a peice of garbage? After reading many books about trading over the past 6 months, and watching the DVD's, I couldn't imagine how I wouldn't be able to make smart trades... as long as I use my good judgement, and don't follow thier phoney bologna Three Green Light theory!

    Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated! As I stated, I am new to this business of being a trader, but I need to make it happen, as I promised my father we would do it. So thank you in advance!

    Good Day,
    R. Oxley
  2. Oh, and I should probably mention (after reading several threads in this forum) that I really don't care what brand of software it is. I know I mentioned the dreaded "wize trade", but I am merely looking for a better solution. Either something with trading built in or not. I am not looking for something to tell me when to short or long, merely a accurate tool that will display graphs and pricing information and what-not in real time. I wasn't to impressed with the amount of data it (WT) gives you, and the charts arent very detailed, but I figured as long as it gave me current information and the graphs were acurate, I could trade with it. Am I missing something? I read all over the place that the WT guys are scammers and that people lost alot of money on it.... but they were just retarted right??? I mean did they really just trade when it was green light? I didn't go to the seminar or see the commercial, I just trusted my fathers good judgement that he found a program to track our stocks with. I am not looking for a get rich quick scheme as its aparently advertised as. I just want to friggin trade! I honestly knew nothing even existed like this. It's a whole new world for me, because I had always figured that the brokers that I worked for as a cold caller had paid a bundle for that shit! I feel like a fool now! I will continue to research this, but the more I read about it, the more I pity myself for originally believing I could make it work for my trading. Shed some light on this guys and gals! Or please let me know what features you didn't like about it or didn't work. I'm 22 and very willing to learn about your feelings on this matter, as I don't have the experience under my belt that I'm sure most of the members of this forum do. Anyway, that's my plea ;)
    Thanks guys,
    R. Oxley
  3. If you scroll to the top of this page, access to the Web Site Search Function becomes readily apparent. Typing in the keyword Wizetrade, yields the following results. Also at the top of this page, notice the menu item named, 'Software.' Clicking on the link above provides access to a myriad of software choices complete with numerous reviews.

    - Spydertrader
  4. Thanks spyder,
    Yes I searched and read those threads, but the one question I am really concerned regarding all the software remains unanswered. If the data they feed is truly realtime and accurate. Thank you for returning my attention, however, back to the software review section. I guess I shouldn't expect a win all answer. I'll have to review each and every program and see what appeals to my better interest. Also, I noticed that these programs are very inexpensive and also the monthly fees are low, a few even offer the first week/month free! This is great! I appreciate the helping hand man. Thanks. I can tell these forums will help me learn a great deal about hype. Thanks everyone for contributing. Ok, back to the books for me.

    P.s. I especially get a laugh at maestro's humorous, yet spot-on posts.