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    I want to upgrade my old reliable stero system at home. It has a 12 stack CD player, radio and cassette and distributes via 4 speakers.

    It is old but good and now it is time to upgrade.

    What are my options. Can I rip the CDs onto some sort of storage and plug it into some sort of player that will permit track-on-track; disc-on-disc plus random play etc.

    I appreciate any help

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    gee I thought somebody might be able to help

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    Yes and we have an old 1st gen ipod shuffle that needs updating plus the ipod speakers.

    However I am talking about storing and cataloguing 100s of CDs for high quality replay
    and before I rush out and spend money I would like to have a fair idea of what I am doing
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    I have over 35GB of music on my iPOD and just use a monster cable.

    Regardless of what direction you go, you still need to rip all of your CD's into MP3 format on your laptop. This will take a weekend!

    You can buy a "stereo" component with a large HD for minimal cost, just look at the sites I posted.

    I saw one at J&R music for $200.
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    thanks surdo
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    Big AAPL

    You have a couple of options. First, like Surdo offered, you can use a digital MP3 device such as an IPod which can hold quite a bit of music, as well as categorize it for you. High quality replay is really at the hands of the equipment it is played through. Excess storage can remain on your PC or a removable media storage device.

    Additionally, you can opt for a newer CD player which has MP3 playback capabilities as music stored in this format has much greater capacity. For example, an audio CD can hold about 80 minutes of playback time whereas a CD in MP3 format can probably hold at least 100 tracks, give or take. Burn it on a DVDR, and your storage increases exponentially.
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    Thanks guys you have given me a good start.

    At the risk of sounding stupid, is there such a thing as a simple small computor that would receive a storage device but is loaded with something like itunes for categorization and amplification for the speakers all complete with R-F and L-R balance control.

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