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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by PeterCabus, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. Is anybody familiar with the technical indicators from Jurik (http://www.jurikres.com/catalog/catalog.htm)? I'm interested in using their RSX indicator, which is a variant of the RSI indicator, to determine where an Index is going (DJIA, S&P, etc). I want to use it for intra-day market trend-detection.

    All info is very welcome.

    Peter Cabus
  2. jaan


    no, i don't know how exactly it is calculated, but visually it comes across as if a simple low-pass filter has been applied to RSI (just look at how it lags RSI). anyhow, i doubt that RSX is any better than RSI+filter.

    - jaan
  3. Hi Jaan,

    What kind of filter would you propose to use? The filter that is applied on RSX is probably not bad since it doesn't create too much lag. I guess that RSX is probably good enough for trend analysis on an index (not for a volatile stock). It's a shame they don't offer test versions. That way I could run some tests.