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    A while ago I´ve interpreted the Super Model worksheet, developed by Martin Zweig and described in his book, Winning on Wall Street. As time passed, I´ve improved it visually and functionaly and also included short descriptions of every indicator directly from his book.

    Every single paragraph is accompanied with credit to its author - something like this: [Martin Zweig, Winning on Wall Street, page xx]. If I publish the newly designed Excel spreadsheet, with comments included, would I violate the copyrights of the publisher? There are also no special copyright notices in the book.

    I´m not quite sure, that is why I´m asking this. As far as I know, untill you publish the source and the author, it´s OK to use the text. Or am I mistaking myself?
  2. I'll post but will be of no help. I've done some google searches re; copyright (different type project), it is a tough area at this moment in time. My understanding, the moment it is written the author has copyright protection. Ie; this message is posted.

    Derivative works are gray areas. Listing credit to the author as you've mentioned is the ideal way to go, I think (?) the least the original author would do is ask you to refrain from uses his/her works.

    Then the matter is much worse re' commercial use of someone elses copyrighted work, even if you credit the original author. You're earning money and he wants his cut.

    BUT this does not explain how websites use and advertise and sell subscriptions to the "canslim" method of IBD but aren't IBD.

    First course of action is to contact the author, and naturally they'll never contact you back, so then you are stuck. What to do?

    If someone accuses you of stealing material for use on your web site, your ISP or host will shut you down. It is a mess.

    Also my understanding it is not to difficult for an author to locate use of their material on the net by using sophisticated search techniques, so I imagine sooner or later you'll hear from the original author.

    Best of luck.
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    It is a very good and helpful reply, thank you.

    I´ll just contact the publisher of Winning on Wall Street and explain them what I want to do :)

    Thanks again!