a quesiton about how to open a company like swiftrader or prop firms

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by googhi, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. googhi


    hey , everyone ,

    i need you help ?

    anyone can give me answers about how to open a comany like swifttrade head office ,or a prop firms , or can be called a broker , or a dealer , seemly swifttrade is a dealer ,not a broker ,how to operate it , and how long it will take to fill out ? and how much will take to open a company like that ?

    anyone give the answers ,i will be pleased , thank you :) :)
  2. Ring Peter Beck he could tell you one thing even a shop like that takes a lot of money to set up from scratch. But maybe you just want an affiliate

  3. If your asking for help here .......

    you probably cannot afford it.

    consider an affiliate office

  4. reg4login


    where should he ask? any forum or website?
  5. Clearly the answer is he should never ask anywhere as its a forbidden question on the internet! Read the rules guys stop asking questions on this board and expecting a large community of traders and investors and punks from all backgrounds to provide value and entertainment...

    Geez :p
  6. Anything is possible with 10 million dollars.