A psychological profile of a Hershey Stalker

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  1. Baddabling
    Mr. Superlatives

    Are all the personalities of one person. Hershey Stalker: Sybil, aka Trader28.

    This person has 21 documented aliaes, that all post the same thing.

    This is the work of an unbalanced person.

    If u trade, please do not allow urself to become this sad individual, the current ubertroll, Trader28:D

    I will continue to document all additional personalities of this creature as she will surely create at least two more this weekend.:p
  2. Seems like I put at least 30 of his aliases on ignore, and I am sure there are many more.

    Hershey is just one subject. He also has a few other fetishes such as "I am a multi-millionnaire and all you lowly creatures should prostrate before me."
  3. I was waiting, but not sure. Now confirmed.

    Plz add greatmatez to the list, that would b 22 confirmed aliases of Sybil,
    Hershey Stalker.

    Ignore on three.....one.....two.....three....

  4. There are MANY more than the ones on that list. He's made three today alone! I've never seen such an obsessed creature.
  5. "Graphicfart" has appeared, with the same old stench :D
  6. I'm sure he'll be back. He's probably gnawing his keyboard in frustration of not being able to vent his hersey addiction. They can't ban all his usernames without software upgrades, unfortunately.
  7. Thanks Ivan, as I do not have mod tech, I have to wait for it to show it's characteristics.

    It will usually post in the Daily Hottie thread, ignoring all rules of the thread, such as posting nudity. It also likes barely 18 surgically altered females of European decent. Surgically altered females are also against the rules, and it is usually obnoxious when corrected.

    After it does this, it will resurect various Hershey threads, some more than two years old.

    If these conditions r met, then I will add the alias to the list.

    Help us by keeping us abreast of it's movement if that is allowed in the moderator prime directive.:)
  8. Duly noted. This alias is now on ignore, thank u for helping make the streets of ET safer.:)
  9. He also loves to quote himself and chest bump his old aliases as if we really think it's someone else :D

    That guy is a total moron.
  10. baralabala......ignored.
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