a project to compete with Collective 2

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by m_kramar, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. m_kramar


    I'm a programmer and I have experience in designing trading applications. Not trading systems, but trading platforms. I also have experience in designing large enterprice applications.

    And I'm thinking of starting a Collective2-like project.

    I have about 50% code done and I have experience and connections in outsourcing so I'm pretty sure that budget would be under 100K.

    I don't have enough resources to do it myself, so I'm looking for investors. I'm looking for an organization or a person who knows market good enough to define key project requirements that would give us advantage over competitors and who has enough resources to promote the project and pay a couple of outsourcing programmers.

    Anyone interested? Please reply here or PM me.
  2. Baywolf


    The fees on c2 are what keep me from exposing my system. Covestor should be monetizing before next quarter. These are the guys you are going to have to one up some how.

    Expose an API in the popular languages, XML/SOAP web service, AND yodlee for auto-import brokerage trades.

    Target the system traders!

  3. Can you elaborate ?