A Project That will Hugely Affect World Economics And your Child's Generation

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    There is apparently big money coming in from somewhere to support this. (Possibly a very forward thinking company, e.g., a Google) Probably the difficulties and costs are being underestimated, but the benefits may also be being underestimated. The 5 billion needed will be there, but the source of the money, whether government or private, will want some control over the information generated. Possible it can be done as a cooperative venture between nations, the same way we build giant accelerators. One of the hurdles that has to be overcome is the Nagoya protocol (The U.S. is not a party) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagoya_Protocol

    I was at Los Alamos when the Human Genome Project was proposed and some were saying it was way too expensive and could never be completed within a human lifetime. That is because then current sequencing technology was being assumed and extrapolated into the future. We know what happened. Although on paper the Human Genome project seemed impossible, after the project was underway, fueled by the need for faster sequencing methods and the funding to develop them, there was rapid progress. The project was completed more rapidly than even the most optimistic would have guessed. And the payoff has been huge. I expect similar from this new project announced at Davos which has as its goal the genome sequencing of all the known eukaryotes. Sequencing has advanced to the point that this ambitious project appears doable. The difficulty is going to be project coordination. It is Manhattan-Project-like in scope, as diverse disciplines have to be coordinated to pull it off. I think we will succeed, but I doubt I will be here to see the projects conclusion, or to personally benefit from its results.. Some of you who are comparatively young, and many of our children, will enjoy the benefits however. The 21st Century is going to be technologically amazing!