A Program to Turn Computer on Autmatically?

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  1. Anyone know of a program that will start a computer at a set time? I've read via google searches that it might be possible in the BIOS, but not being that savvy, I was hoping to find a program that can do it.

    If you know of any programs that will turn your computer on at a set time, please post here. While freeware is nice, not necessary.

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  3. dunno that but my laptop turns on when i move my mouse, its bio setting, maybe there is a setting there for that dunno chek yourself
  4. I've tried a number of ways to turn the computer on automatically and I've found that using the BIOS is the easiest way. Not every computer BIOS is the same and they're not always reliable to turn on the computer. I have several computers and just experimented with the BIOS on each until I found one that consistantly started the computer.

    I use the BIOS to start the computer each morning, then a program called Automate to start my data provider and charting program. Automate also stops the charting program at 4:30 pm and then shuts down the computer each night. (Automate needs the computer to run for it to work so it can't be used to start the computer)
  5. just leave the computer running 24/24.
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    I just leave my computer on all the time. There is no sense in turning it off.

    The 4 computer workstations I have running do produce a lot of heat though.
  7. I like to reboot the computer to clear out the RAM and give it a rest after trading.
  8. lol ''give it a rest"

    its like if i was saying ''i like to put my car in the shadows on sunny days i don't want it to catch a sunburn''

    by turning it on/off all the time, you will save money on electricity, but each time you turn it on and off, it ''stresses'' the components more, for example the processor and chipset and GPU all produce heat while functionning, and by turning it on and off you allow the thermal expansion contraction phenomenon to occur and possibly reducing the life of your components.

    i would personally leave my trading computer always on.
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    Just put it to S3 sleep mode. I upgrade my home workstation every three years or so, but I know engineers that have been using the same Sun Ultra 5's and Pentium II workstations for at least a decade. Production computer components are quite resilient. The HDD is the item most prone to fail, not the CPU, and mobo. Given you are not working in extreme weather conditions.
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