A program to alert me of trendline breakouts

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  1. I want a program in which you could_provide a data input, for say a currency pair like USD/JPY,_it then automatically visually graphs the data and looks for trendlines of "tops down" "bottoms up"
    -I'd want it to only identify trendlines of at least say 8 hours in length, so as to avoid worthless 5 minute trendlines and such)
    -note that these types of programs already exist and have existed for years - see http://www.thinkscripter.com/indicator/trendline-alert for example

    -The thinkscript one is good however am looking for something that is just a little more developed-

    1- automatically selecting the latest date/time) the think scripter one required you input the end date)
    2- doing 15min, 30min, 1hr, 4hr charts (think script only allows daily charts)
    3- selecting the minimum length of trendline (ie 8 hrs +)

    So to review,
    I want a software/program that accepts data inputs, and identifies trendlines of a specified period of time (ie: 8 hours plus)

    At this point, all I want is for it to send me an SMS or email notification when the trendline is broken (thus identifying a breakout)

    So all I do is:
    1-provide the data feed for the currency_pair I want it to monitor (ie: USD/JPY)
    2- Select the minimum length for the trendlines (ie, at least 8 hours long)(again to avoid trendlines only 5 minutes long, etc)
    3- Then simply be notified when the trendline is broken

    Pretty simple right? Where can I find this or where would you recommend I look?

    Thanks for your help,
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    Tom Trend;

    60 minutes, 240 minutes... not that that is as important as the 1 yr/10 year trend[donchian channel, keltner channel] easy to set up a buy/ sell/trendline /data point with most any broker like IB...

    You could probably find something that trends better than FX;
    barchart.com is free, mostly accurate.But nothing like recording ones on data, daily, monthly,....wisdom is profitable to direct.