A profitable journal with all entries/exits posted in advance

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  1. My old thread got to be too long so I wanted to start a new one.

    I will be trading SPY and SH. Maybe some options. Maybe.

    Timeframe is days/weeks/months. I haven't traded intraday in over a year.

    I'll post P/L charts daily like I did in my last thread.

    Limit order to buy 100 SPY @ $138.

    edit - fixed typo. I originally said "SSO" but I meant "SH." Sorry for the confusion. I will be trading SPY and SH (inverse SPY).
  2. Entry filled right before the close.


    Open position:
    SPY: -$36.00

    No chart today because it would only have one data point on it.
  3. 8/1/2012

    Open position:
    SPY: -$48.00

  4. Whoa look at price fall.

    I'm thinking about buying 100 more SPY @ $134 but no order has been placed yet.
  5. 8/2/2012:

    Open position:
    SPY: -$143.00

  6. Whoa, gap up outta nowhere this morning!
  7. Considering selling a SPY option, of course the problem is I have no idea if price is going to keep going up or not.

    A $140 call right now would give me a max of $200 of profit (since I bought my SPY at $138) plus the $124 premium. That doesn't include commissions.

    Of course if price goes to $145 by expiration then I missed out on an additional $500. And if price falls to $135 or whatever then I get to keep my shares (which I would do anyway) plus the premium.
  8. 8/3:

    Open position:
    SPY: $128.00

  9. 8/6:

    Open position:
    SPY: $155.00

  10. Sorry I didn't post yesterday's chart until just now.


    Open position:
    SPY: $225.00

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