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    the more i read and contribute to ET, the more garbage i see.

    childish insults, kids entertaining themselves, and not much along the lines of professional people looking to learn and contribute. foul lanuage, personal insults, talking about peoples mother and families...you name it. simply not how i care to spend my time.

    can anyone reccommend a more professional site with more successful adults as members?

    thanks. good luck to all.
  2. The ones I can think of are extremely inactive.

    With that said...probably your best option is to not participate in those particular threads here at ET your making reference about.

    I see them also (kids arguing, insults, antagonistic posts, profanity et cetera) and I have learned to just not post in those threads along with not engaging nor responding to particular ET members.

    Yet, there are a few occassions I will say what's on my mind in response to something but will move on soon afterwards.

    You should also use your ignore feature but if you find yourself involved in a thread where your ignoring a lot of people or ignoring more bad stuff than good stuff...

    Like I said already...its a thread you stop participating in or talk via pm with those you get along with.

    Further, use the complain feature.

    It doesn't work all the time but it does work most of the time especially if you follow-up with a pm to the moderator of the thread because most of the moderators aren't aware of that crap unless someone tells them.

    Simply, your in absolute control of the situation and not those spouting the garbage.

    Last of all, you must ask yourself...why do you feel the need to respond to them and make antagonistic replies to encourage them to spout more junk ???

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    Silicon Investor has some good threads. But that, like many sites, has slowed down ever since the market tanked and all the "genuius" traders washed out.

    Like many sites there's a small group of posters here who seem to cause most of the problems with their name calling, posts filled with gibberish and other drivel.
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    If you don't click on the "complain" button to report disruptive users, then you're essentially saying that the content of their posts is fine by you.

    As moderators, we need specifics in order to take action. Blanket statements about members being childish, etc. are not going to help us identify those specific members who are acting inappropriately.

    Which members do you think are the most disruptive?
  5. I think Chitchat forum has to be removed or NOT counted, consequently all kids entertaining themselves have to find another play ground

    Half ET discussion today is about saddam, Bush, iraq, .....
    Half Threads in ET is belong to ZZZzzzzzzzzzz
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    thanks. this is the only chat room i participate in so i didnt even thing about those features. ill let you know
  7. ZZZzzzzzzz
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    Looks like uninvited_guest got the boot.
  9. He defected et and got a new fx website up and running.
    I already got his spam in my mailbox.
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    I also got his "spam". But I don't mind PM's that are investment related. I wish him luck.
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