A problem with Trading the NQ using the dome

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SammyJ, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. SammyJ


    This has really become a problem trading the nq . The nq can move 40 levels ( 10 pts at .25 increments in seconds . The dome i use is constantly auto centering ever 30 seconds so its impossible to place an order above or below the actual prices as its auto centering . Is there anyway to stretch the dome out to have 30 or more levels on each side of the price so its not always auto centering ?
  2. hilmy83


    i use cqg desktop when i trade. when you scroll on the dom, it locks it in place until you select refresh.
  3. virtusa


    In Ninjatrader the autocenter blocks when your cursor goes on it. That gives you all the time to go to the wanted price and make an order. Works perfectly.

    If you stretch it 30 levels on both sides you need a huge screen or a microscope to read it or to push at the correct price level.
  4. OP, the issue is TT has a (in my opinion a completely bullshit) patent on DOM. They sued people and won. As a settlement, vendors had to enable auto centering. But not all vendors. Some were big enough to get TT's attention at that time. Ninja and MultiCharts are among them.

    SierraChart is very usable. It kinda does autocenter, but in a very delayed manner, and sometimes doesn't at all. I have never been able to define the behavior, but it works very well.

    As hilmy83 said, cqg desktop works too but I have no experience with it

    Or you can use TT. Their DOM works exactly how you expect it to work
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    Yeah, I think TT slid someone an envelope.
  6. The problem with the NQ is the participation is so light that any play of size jumps the current price off the window. You could trade the ES instead. The face value of 1 contract is a bit smaller, but the prices aren't as jumpy on the DOM.
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  7. SammyJ


    I play the Es but i find its easier to scalp normal jiggle on the nq but when its moving fast like friday. The price is constantly jumping "off the window" and it takes 3 seconds to auto correct which by the then it's moved 3-8 pts.
  8. Overnight


    NQ is acting very spicy tonight. Already a 100 point range. Wonder what is driving the action. I figure it will be lively through the wee hours based on it's current machinations.
  9. maxinger


    good question.
    CME NQ tick size is simply tooo tiny (0.25 of a point) and is a real nuisance.
    so the DOM has to be extremely tall.

    you probably have to change your trading platform.
    some platforms allow for no-auto centering.

    some platforms allow you to change the tick size to something coarser ( say tick size
    0.25 point ---> 1 point, 5 points, 10 points ... )
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