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    I show you my performance for last weeks. This score correspond to my IB account with an initial size of $25,000.

    14/03/2008 $262,06
    21/03/2008 $155,86
    28/03/2008 $229,68
    04/04/2008 ($440,69)
    11/04/2008 $1.095,40
    18/04/2008 ($728,49)
    25/04/2008 $128,88
    02/05/2008 ($590,39)
    09/05/2008 $1.067,67
    16/05/2008 $1.003,10
    23/05/2008 ($375,94)
    30/05/2008 $860,71
    06/06/2008 ($74,11)
    13/06/2008 $500,91
    20/06/2008 $400,37
    27/06/2008 ($111,73)
    04/07/2008 $410,18
    11/07/2008 ($314,96)
    18/07/2008 ($158,20)
    25/07/2008 $664,86
    01/08/2008 $281,81
    08/08/2008 ($325,65)

    What can i do to handle the whole of my trading capital, $200,000, like this $25,000?
  2. That's what she said :)

  3. How much did you loose or win - /
  4. ElCubano


    You can accept that now you will be up or down $3000/$4000 instead of $300/$400....
  5. LOL

    new season starts soon...
  6. It ain't da size o' da ocean, it da rockin' motion.
  7. sugar


    Yes, this is bottom line here: accepting losing money and don't feel this loses like absolute amounts but like relative trips.

    It sounds easy, but I'm not sure about how losing $10,000 in two weeks can affect my trading skills.

    What must I do? Really we all know it: I must plan my trades, I must write this in my journal and I must transform these text in an inviolable contract with myself. Discipline, discipline and discipline, but... What do you think about it? Did it works before for any trader here?

    In any case I hope attach in six-nine month my new performance. A big one that astonish her :eek:

    Thanks a lot.
  8. dhpar


    of course it will affect your trading skills. but most importantly, it will affect your life, life of your friends and/or wife and/or kids etc.

    and i can tell you that odds that it will affect your life positively are much much worse then odds then you will make money - simply because volatility (even with trending profits) of your total capital is going to make you stressed. you know - those days when you doubt if you can trade at all, days when you are losing all you made by hardworking 24/7 - these days will be there and you will cry.

    bottom line is - do not put all your capital in the game, don't go 8 fold in size straigh away, do it step by step - and keep some loose change for a beer (or two) during bad times....:cool:
  9. sugar


    Thank you Dhpar. That's good advice.

    I guess there aren't shortcuts here. I'll increase my position size progressively, step by step :) , in order to win for myself the right to manage the whole of this money.