A president comes back from the grave and tells us how to fix America

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    Reagan was an actor in his younger days as most people know and they also know he was president. Many do not know that he was also governor of California, president of the Screen Actors Guild and also a spokesman for GE(ever notice that we dont really have spokesMEN for products anymore, that its mostly women that are representing products?) As president he introduced the country to Reaganomics which the 4 pillars of it were to Reduce government spending, Reduce income and capital gains marginal tax rates, Reduce government regulation of the economy, Control the money supply to reduce inflation.

    I think Reagan was probably the last president to actually "lead" us. Since then I believe we have been ruled by a "Man behind the curtain" which is becoming much more obvious when you look at how Bush ruled and how Obama is ruling. Two completely different people running the country the same way.
  2. Men of Reagan's stature no longer exist in the US. Good luck on fixing it with the keystone cops.
  3. Republicans love hallowing Ronald Reagan’s name. Too bad they know so little about the guy.

    Last week in Hawaii, the Republican National Committee almost passed a resolution named after the Gipper. “Whereas President Ronald Reagan believed that the Republican Party should support and espouse conservative principles and public policies,” it declared, only candidates who complied with eight of 10 “Reaganite” principles would be eligible for party funds.
    And what were those principles, exactly? No. 1—according to the resolution—was “smaller government, smaller national debt, lower deficits and lower taxes.” Let’s take those from the top. Smaller government: Federal employment grew by 61,000 during Reagan’s presidency—in part because Reagan created a whole new cabinet department, the department of veterans affairs. (Under Bill Clinton, by contrast, federal employment dropped by 373,000). Smaller deficits and debt: Both nearly tripled on Reagan’s watch. Lower taxes: Although Reagan muscled through a major tax cut in 1981, he followed up by raising taxes in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1986. In 1983, in fact, he not only raised payroll taxes; he raised them to pay for Social Security and Medicare. Let’s put this in language today’s tea-baggers can understand: Reagan raised taxes to pay for government-run health care.

  4. lol The Party of the Dumb supporters don't even know what the hell the people they elected really did.
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    I love the way righties talk about God and Country, then they commit idolatry at the first opportunity. They actually deified the guy.

    RONALDUS MAGNUS! That's either a Roman emperor or a golden calf. :D

  6. little story about ronald reagan. he was not the heartless rabid just say no republican you come to expect today. back in the mid eighties he came to our city to make a speech. due to public pressure since this was right at the darkest days of the farm crisis he agreed to a private meeting with some local small farmers.

    going into the meeting he was anti aid. after the meeting he came out and switched his position and eventually signed the biggest farm welfare program up to that date. in addition he even supported a big change in bankruptcy law designed to let family farmers file personal bankruptcy without losing their land. that law was very controversial at the time with the banks but he signed it into law. it is called chapter 12.
  7. Well, when the democrats in the house of representatives kill 7 out of 8 of your budgets before they even get started, you kind of have to give them more or nothing will get done.
  8. Yes there was talk from some back when he was in office that he would ruin the country. Best eight years business-wise I ever had although the Clinton years came close. The problem came later with bushite and his gang of neocons. Apparently Reagan had some bad association.
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    Ronald Reagan? Fixing the economy and America? Are you mad?

  10. the internet is great and all but it also exposes people to the most worthless of shit

    Let me explain something to you . Reagan is the spokesperson for the "greatest generation". Let me explain further.

    My grandfather was a strong Reagan supporter, he landed on Normandy, survived the great depression, supported his immigrant family in the deep rural Michigan farm they landed on after the untimely death of his father by trapping beavers, he went on to lay the electrical infrustructure of northern Illinois, including Chicago, ....

    and he Hated Liberals
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