A precise prediction of a crash or hokus pokus?

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  1. It is legit.I read it early in the morning on 2/27.,before the US markets opened. Pretty amazing,huh?
  2. It's amazing in hindsight but I'm a little leery about these things. I guess it'll lend more credence to this article if we do see some kind of huge turning point in the next weeks or so.

    It does make for an interesting read, nevertheless.
  3. Wait there's more:

    It is customary on the 9th day of the Lunar New Year (27 Feb in 2007) to make an offering from the previous year's prosperity to appease the gods, and clearly such profit-taking in China was overdue.:eek:
  4. Is this a lame joke?
  5. "Is this a lame joke?"

    Got me. I read in on the net several days later (not on a blog either), sorry, didn't save the link. My point was everyody has an answer for everything.

    Although, it peaked my interest somewhat to see if this had any credibility, not enough to research it further.
  6. It's pretty evident none of you have been trading for very long. A sign of the times.

    Martin Armstrong is so good that the the US government hides him in a prison. The govt. has stolen his lifes work so no one else can get their hands on his research.


    I see many posts lately lamenting the lack of quality on ET. It's a bull market and it is to be expected. Every half wit is a genius when the market goes only upwards. The market is about to undergo a serious correction , which means most of you won't be around in the next 3 years. The quality of the posts should be better then as most of you will be washed away. And so begins another new cycle.
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    Marty Armstrong success formula:

    1. Follow your economic model. It's always right. "Fooled by Randomness"

    2. When the position goes against you....double down.

    3. If account balance is > 0 goto step 2 and double down again.

    4. If account balance = 0. Goto step 5

    5. Goto jail for losing 1 billion dollars. Hide information from the Feds on the whereabouts of any remaining assets and or pertinent information.

    Pretty simple formula when its a bull market. But when the bear comes................Watch out!
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    if he find a way to move his case to DC, then he will have the right to 'speedy trial'.
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