A practicing psychiatrist analyzes Barack Hussein Obama

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  1. http://lornakismet.wordpress.com/2009/09/06/a-practicing-psychiatrist-analyzes-barack-hussein-obama/

    "There have been many allusions to Obama’s incredible narcissism. indeed, many find it is more intense and apparent than that of Bill Clinton’s. And it is. Simultaneously there have been innumerable observations about his defensiveness, surprise at being challenged, and lack of knowledge. Let me explain and interpret this for you."

    "First be advised that I’m a psychiatrist with more than 30 years of experience. I practice in Beverly Hills. I grew up on the south side of Chicago in a neighborhood that later became Obama’s venue. I went to college at Northwestern at the inception of the affirmative action, equal opportunity adventure."

    "Obama’s educational experience parallels that of many of my classmates. While we, the majority sweated through organic chemistry, physiology, graduate-level courses in literature, advanced composition, and tutorial reading with the late Prof. Bergen Evans, African-American classmates showed up at their leisure, sent for tests if they cared to, read none of the 15 novels in 10 weeks, submitted no papers whatever, and passed with flying colors. They were never tested, criticized, graded or, heaven forbid, flunked. They were all literate as per the first definition in the dictionary – they could read and write. Most were illiterate by the second definition in the dictionary – they were not well read, knowledgeable, or people of letters. All of this describes and defines Obama. He is functionally literate, not a man of letters or knowledge, of only average intellect, not insightful or curious, and without ever having been challenged. The narcissism and grandiosity engendered by his life experience is of monumental proportion."
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    that's pretty fucking obvious to everyone, MD not required.

    Obama is one sick freak.

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    He/she's an 8th grader, with a C- average in English.
  6. psychiatrist : master of the obvious.
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  9. A Beverly Hills psychiatrist at that. He should stick to analyzing Cher. If Obama is all that then by comparison Beck would be
    a drooling moron leader of the mutants.
  10. What do you mean by us, killthesunshine is a fine poster who isnt rude like you.
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