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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullz n Bearz, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Hi, my name is Bullz n Bearz and I would like to state a quote I just logged down into my journal.. Home made by the way ;)

    "Nobody on this planet can predict the market's future direction. Not science, mathematics, nothing..." PERIOD

    Digest this quote will ya and tell me the thoughts it sparks from your reaction.
  2. Here's another, "You can't polish a turd" Please keep the trolling to a minimum.
  3. What does trolling mean?
  4. Not sure what you are trying to say . . .

    I got long near the lows of today's session when I saw the SPX approach the 40 WEEK MA at 1452.28

    I take it that you are not a student of simple technical analysis?
  5. Could you describe "simple techincal analyis" again please? Not sure I follow
  6. Explain how out of all the trading days in 2006 (and I traded every single one, no vaca*) I had less than 6 down days total? Is it luck? No of course not. See, its not a matter of NEEDING to predict where price will go, its a matter of LISTENING to the clues that tell you where its going to go. There is a lot of noise mind you, but if you listen long enough, you know when its telling you something legit and when its not and thats when you make your move.

    See B&B, the mkt makes the decisions where its going to go and I trade accordingly. I dont give two sh*ts if it says up or down, my only responsibility to myself is to pay attention and get in for the ride. Thats it, leave all the "predictions" to the analysts and monday morning quarterbacks.

    *One day, I was so hung over (after someone bday or something), I almost puked on the PATH train into Jersey City several times but made it to work as CNX or ACI had earnings. Thats dedication! :D

  7. Bulls n bears you can't make money when the market goes up, nor you can't make money when it goes down. Maybe you should just admit that you suck and quit trading all together?
  8. Lol, one minute trading is impossible, the next he is hooked up with a great mentor and all is well, and now hes back to this again. For once I agree with StockTrad3r, BullnBears you just wreak and need a change of career choice.
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    what happen to watching bond?
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    Depends - on whether your in a boat, a bar or on the internet.
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