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Did your parents conciously or subconsiously encourage you to marry for money?

  1. Yes, both my father and mother encouraged me to marry for money

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  2. On the contrary, both my parents told me to marry for love.

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  3. I got mixed signals from my parents

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  4. Society shaped me more than my parents, it didn't matter what they said

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  1. nitro


    When you were growing up, do you remember either of your parents encouraging you to marry for money, or to marry for love? I have even heard, marry for money first, and then for love, as if initial failure is guaranteed.

    Please, women only. No transvestites, no sex change people, no hermaphrodites. Only the original natural born product.
  2. Not to infringe, but how many women peruse ET? Not likely to be an significant sample for you here. Too bad, I would love to know the answer.
  3. nitro


    Google results give an indication, but I am extremely skeptical:


    They contend that smart women marry for money. FWIW, my ex-wife was a professor at a University. When she married me, I was stone broke (I had a job but it was as a programmer, a wage slave).
  4. nitro


    We must try.

  5. nitro


    It is because it is 2010 that I am still stupefied by such things.
  6. IMHO, women are told to marry for a better life.

    A lot of women see a marriage as a new beginning. A new life with a better lifestyle.

    Some of them will draw causation between money and happiness (due to media) and would ultimately choose to marry someone that have more money than them.

    However, there are some strong women who could get the better life themselves and don't need to marry for rich. So they marry the handsome-looking guy instead.

  7. 1) ?...... a convenience store for adulterers, the best fishing hole I've fished in.....OMFG! Would it be cheaper and more exciting to fly overseas for "that" instead?
    2) It's not prostitution! It's just that women are committed to money more than ever. :cool:
  8. nitro


    Well, the problem is you are not a woman. I am not so interested if they do or do not marry for money, as I am interested when they decided, and who influenced them in this direction. One is symptom, the other is the disease.

    I have a daughter, and I could never see myself telling her to marry for money. In fact, I would tell her that being in love is only half the route to happiness. The other half is who each of you turn into when you are around each other - the best in you, or are you constantly fighting? One is lust, the other is genuine. As for her mother, I can't imagine a mother sentencing her own daughter to creature comforts over a real connection with someone. Perhaps it is us men that women fall in love with that end up dissapointing. Whereas, when a person has achieved some financial success, all other things being equal, it is indicative of a responsible person and shows a higher level of comitment and discipline, and the odds of dissapointment are far less. Heck, I even think that some women will check your credit rating. Gross.

    I have friends that believe that love is a myth invented by poets. I couldn't disagree more, and in fact, there is scientific evidence for it at a genetic level.

    The Poll may have been doomed from the beginning. Few people like being the object of a "psychological profile", even if done anonymously, and I probably didn't word it correctly. As stated, it probably comes accross as judgemental.

    Oh well.

  9. Illum


    You getting married? Worried about your bank account perhaps? Heh:)
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