A Poem For The (Elite) Masses

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  1. Since getting a job is so difficult,
    they woke up one day just to log on.
    Society's to blame they claim, not one
    can argue this, who can find a fault?

    The dream of a trade, the score of your life,
    never appear on your 19".
    Parents be damned, their money is a cinch,
    'till you turned 30, live at home, no wife.

    Maybe your twelve with much time to spare,
    a keyboard and mouse replace ball and glove.
    Your not out searching for life's one true love,
    your at Elite trading thoughts with the squares.

    So go on, continue, type all your tripe,
    there are 'nough like you to give you a fight.
    Maybe they'll join you in your childish plight,...just
    know that like you their dreams are down the pipe.

    -Rosy Atluk
  2. interesting :)
  3. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    Can you see?
    The market is making
    an ass of me.

    All those trips
    In private planes
    Are far away and
    down in flames.

    All my money
    is down the tube.
    I feel just like
    Janet's boob.


  4. The ES Haiku

    ES now opened,
    I'm losing my ass quickly,
    There goes my money