A Plea For Civility

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ALICE, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. ALICE


    I'm making a plea to please stop the nonsense, and to keep this board civil, on topic, and treat others with the same respect that you would wish to be treated.

    10 Proposed GOLDEN RULES of Conduct:

    1)Be Patient
    Everyone is entitled to their viewpoints and opinions.

    2)Be a Good Listener
    It's important to the poster/respondent to have his/her view heard. Follow-up comments and questions should provide insight, clarification and expansion of the material. View the meeting as an exchange of thoughts and information.

    3)Be Responsive
    Express to the poster/respondent your willingness to get more information if he/she expresses interest or asks questions you're not prepared to answer.

    4)Be Prepared
    Be sure you know the subject matter and be familiar with the key points of your position.

    5)Be Considerate
    Be considerate and friendly to all. Members are usually (hopefully) well informed and should be treated with the same respect you would give a family member or you yourself would expect.

    6)Keep it Short and Simple
    Express your opinion clearly and strongly but don't be threatening or offensive. Cover one topic per post and state your message within the first two paragraphs. Subsequent paragraphs can be used to expand on your position but should be kept to a minimum.

    7)Use Your Own Words
    Don't make a habit of copying text/photos/graphic verbatim. Use a personal touch by mentioning something unique to the material, something that only you can bring to the material. There is far too much popsting of offensive pics and text. Please clean it up.

    8)Ask for a Specific Reply
    If you want answers to questions or concerns ask specifically to avoid misunderstandings.

    9)Always be polite.
    Go out of your way to introduce yourself, try to develop a personal relationship with the poster/respondent.
    Express your gratitude wherever possible. Be nice.

    10)Opposing Viewpoints
    Fellow members will not always share your point of view. They may completely oppose your position and the position of your friends and other posters/respondents. The manner in which you handle this situation may determine others willingness to accept your position in the future. Agree to disagree. Respectfully refute your fellow members arguments and make a few strong points that reflect your position. Be thought provoking. Ask a few questions that will encourage the poster/respondent to think about your position and help you better understand his or her position. Be personal and friendly and professional.

    If every member would agree to adopt these ET would be a much nicer place to visit and exchange information and ideas.

    So what do you think, can we all agree to abide by these 10 simple rules?

    Can we all agree to clean up ET?


  2. Nice guidlines - it's along shot, though - anonymity brings out the worst in people sometimes.
  3. Add ALICE to the moderator Waiting List
  4. Can't we all just get along?

    Ya BABY!!!

  5. keep it in your pants, 777 :D
  6. ALICE, may I add Be Humble?


  7. 2 rules for you : shut your fucking trap

    and please dont bite it !!!
  8. Besides the net, is there any greater evidence of this than on the road in your car and the little weasels that flip you off for something and give you nasty looks..... just as their exit is coming up!
  9. Internet chat sites are just one non stop masquerade party.

  10. I'm making a plea to please stop the nonsense, and to keep this board civil, on topic, and treat others with the same respect that you would wish to be treated.

    10 Proposed GOLDEN RULES of Conduct

    1) Stop Kissing Mr. markets ass
    2) Shut your pie hole
    3) contribute something besides following Mr. market to every thread
    4) shut the hell up
    5) Have an original thought
    6) shut up
    7) If you are going to post, say something useful instead of asking if you can vote twice for Mr.Market
    8) Shut up
    9) don't ask if ther are pictures of Mr. market from the waist down
    10) shut up
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