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Discussion in 'Trading' started by davez, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. davez


    I confess, I'm the first to complain when a product or service is bad. On the other hand, when they are good, I say to myself "I just have to thank the responsible person", but I seldom do. So that's what I am doing here, starting with two persons:

    1. Ken Calhoun, of www.daytradinguniversity.com for his free monthly Pro Daytrading Seminars.

    2. Rob Black, of www.2020Insight.com for his excellent (and free) daily MarketWrap and Stock Talk program on Cnet Radio.

    Sure, they have some promotional interest involved in the above free services, but in my opinion, they have an honest interest in helping traders / investors.

    Of course, I could really show appreciation by using their services-for-pay (which I am considering), but meanwhile, in a trading / investing world often containing people that definitely do not have your personal financial well being in mind, these two gentlemen rise to the top.

    Hope they help with your trading/investing.

    Dave Z
  2. Trader01


    We can all have our opinions of stock analysts and talk shows. You can be for something and I can be against. But Rob Black is an eternal bull. He has been saying buy, buy, buy for the last two years. Are you familiar with his GLB fund? The last quote I saw on it was down 38%. His fund was down that much in a period of less than a year. Then he closed the fund. Now it is back open, but he sure doesn't tell you how it is doing.

    He thinks he is so hot because he is on CNBC. Bulloney! And that girl he lauds about on his show, the one who gives the most actives from the NYSE, Robin Verhost. Listening to her is like watching someone scratch their finger nails across a black board. I mean like she is so awful and R.Black just brags how great she is. Brother....

    He does have some good guests on his show, occasionally. Problem is, they are all CNBC whores or eternal bulls like himself.

    Call his show sometime, and ask him about the GLB fund. I promise you, you will never get on the air.

    Wonder why he got bumped off the prime 9:00 am time slot? Because he is so <b>wrong</b> about the markets, in my opinion.:p
  3. davez


    I had never looked at his GLB fund performance, so I appreciate that info as a DD consideration for potential long term investors (his investing timeframe). The "proof is in the pudding" as they say. I'll have to check now on occasion to see how his fund is doing.

    As I am more focussed on learning TA and daytrading techniques, I find his show useful to get knowledge of fundamentals. And given that he is a long term investor, surprisingly, I get good short term info from his evaluation of the fundamentals and earnings reports (for example, he was bang on recently on how Intel's cut in capital spending would affect the chip equipment makers).

    So I personally find his show very useful and informative, but it is always good to hear counter-perspectives. I would still recommend his show, and daily Marketwrap newsletter as a good summary of what happened in the market each day.
  4. oolarinm


    The fact that a market guru gets his calls right a few times mean very little , because this is a probabilistic game . So what if he got INTC cut will affect the semis right. if he was really sure he would have invested in it , if his fund is down 38% he is probably not that good . Anybody can call the market direction right once or twice , its how your calls affect your portfolio over a long period that counts