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    Anybody know of a good free website to post our trading videos we make for people to watch. I know about Youtube.com and gogle.com. Looking for another one. It has to be able to upload 2 hour or 1 hour videos for the public to watch from their browser. Looking for free only. I know there are lots of paid ones, but I'm searching for free similar to google videos. Thanks.

    P.S. Not looking for hosting to store files, but looking for a place to upload videos to the public can view.
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    Only trading videos ?
  3. Can you provide a link to a few of the best trading videos? I'd love to see them, and would bet that others would too.

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    The best quality I've found is putfile, but the free uploads most be kept to 10min.

    Googles video program can take large files, but the video quality is bad if you are capturing trading action on 1-5min charts.
    If you record just 1 chart, then the quality won't be that bad, but I normally record multiple charts, and when converted by google or youtube the quality and definition is lost. Putfile works if you split the movies up and set the resolution to a high setting when recording, but the amount of time and effort it takes to split these movies up is not worth it.

    It's probably best to just buy a web domain and upload your videos that way or share your videos with friends through a file sharing program.
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    tinypic also host video file.
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    Maybe you can post a 2 hour video of your mothers cooking videos that she made for your daddy.
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