A picture some people claim it to be OBL's

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sameeh55, May 6, 2011.

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    You must have been deeply saddened when you saw this picture. Look at what the filthy evil zionists have done to your hero. :D
  3. I think that's a dead Jesus..
  4. iprph90


    that's exactly what i thought when i saw the picture.:eek:
  5. SORRY....that was another TRIAL BALLON FAKE......already admitted to be another FAKE pic!

    Typical govt factions ASYMETRICAL "PSY OPS" CAMPAIGN got you CONFUSED??? :eek:
  6. That is a scene from the movie black hawk down with OBLs face photoshopped on it.
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    I wonder what kind of hell OBL is in? One friend of mine has visions of people that are in hell.. she says you never see their face and the place she sees sometimes has rock walls and a person that just walks and walks and never gets anywhere and there is smoke all over the walls... I'm pretty silly but I'm not silly enough to go there for a long time... gadz...

    My father in law hated me for decades.. He was Narcissistic and I got on his bad side and he was a real bastard about everything everytime... when he was dying he was laying there mumbling "help me, help me" over and over and doing this feeble arm waving thing, his eyes were these weird looking green thingies too, it was so weird... I kind of thought "ehh, help you, yeah, maybe tomorrow, I keep thinking of stuff that I need to do today" but he was dead before the next day even got started... I'm pretty sure he might be in one of those cave places with the smokey walls.. they die and these really evil creatures come and get them and tell them they are taking them to a good place but they are really mean and they do the most ridiculously horrid things to them and laugh at them... it's gotta suck when that happens...
  8. Hey.....he is sitting at HELL'S TITTY BAR in the "former lackey CIA minion" VIP section! :eek:
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    So Bin laden is still alive?