A picture says a thousand words.

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    Dirk Mueller, a trader, works on telephones at the Deutsche Boerse AG as the DAX index curve is displayed in the background, at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, in Frankfurt, on Jan. 21, 2008. Photographer: Hannelore Foerster/Bloomberg News

    A pedestrian walks past an electronic stocks board in Tokyo, Jan. 21, 2008. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg News

    The All Ordinaries Index board is seen at The Australian Stock Exchange in Sydney Jan. 21, 2008. Photographer: Jack Atley/Bloomberg News

  2. I can't get past GREEN = DOWN .:p

  3. I know. I had to do a double take myself.
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    bylo good post, seems that Feb 27th sell off along with the mid august sell offs were headfakes for the bears, after seeing this decline here in the US market now start to spill over to the international markets makes things very interesting.
  5. <cite>A picture says a thousand words. </cite><p>This is true. And if you put together a few pictures like you have posted, it is not so difficult to get a glimpse of an even bigger picture.