A petition really woth signing, please help

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pager, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Pager


    Appologies if you have seen this on other sites, if not please sign the petition

    I found this absolutely disgraceful, forget global warming, forget the financial crisis, please help put pressure on the Chinese government to stop this barbaric trade.

    At first i thought not another Animal rights crap site when i was sent the link, this is truely a disgrace.

    Be warned, some of the video on this website is very disturbing, i felt sickened.

    Please Please, sign the petition though.

  2. I never cared about these animal issues until after about 5 seconds on that site, forgettabbouttittttt, no fur, ever... I signed the petition, no prob. Thanks for the link...
  3. I stopped buying anything chinese long time ago.

    An entire nation of desperate low lifes who will stab a homeless person for the 3 pennies in his pocket.

    Signing this useless petition and then presenting it to a govt. of lowlifes won't do you any good.

    But then again, no one can accuse any left wing imbecile of having a brain.

    The better way is to make public and boycott the stores that sell these in the west.

    After all, it is ignorant idiots here who end up buying their products.
  4. That is so fucking sick and cruel. I signed it.
  5. While it is important to sign the petition is is extrememly important to send money for the old man to sail around the ocean. If we could get 4 or 5000 people in a sailing sponsorship to raise awareness, this would be better.


  6. People that do this to animals are truely fucked up in the head. I feel like taking a club and beating the persons doing that to a bloody pulp.... only because putting a .357 slug between their eyes would be too easy on them.

    Seriously..... I can not look at disturbing clips like that..... fills me full of anger. Asians can be some of the most screwed up people in the planet.... I mean their cruelty to animals knows no boundries... FUCK THE CHINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: