A Petition against the phasing out of QuoteTracker

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jan Cadoret, May 9, 2012.

  1. I just spoke at length to two TD Ameritrade reps. They are indeed phasing out QuoteTracker, but said the draw down date isn't finalized. Both admitted that part of the problem is that "many" traders still use QuoteTracker.

    I've been using QuoteTracker for over 10 years and the ThinkorSwim platform for about 2 years. I use them daily, side by side. In my opinion, many things about QuoteTracker are still superior to ThinkorSwim, and I really don't want to see QT phased out.

    I've started a petition to see if we can influence TDA to keep QuoteTracker up and running:
  2. bxb


    Thumbs up.
  3. lwlee


    Use QT sporadically since I don't know how long it's gonna be around.

    But you got my vote.
  4. KastyG


    Lots other charting programs out there, might want to think about checking another one out.
  5. went from quote tracker to ninga a long time ago for charting. never looked back. ninga works good and its free. what more could you ask for.
    maybe you should get a group together and offer to buy quotetracker. it shouldnt be very expensive.
  6. you might want to think about checking out.

    folks, ignore this clown, he's one of et's serial nick changers
  7. Thats great! Hope it works!