A Person Who Refers to Blacks as 'Niggers', Jews as 'Kikes,' & Latinos as 'Spics'....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ByLoSellHi, Mar 5, 2009.

Would They?

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  1. Would such a person

    a) Be wise to post such offensive epithets on a public forum?

    b) Really have run for elected office?

    c) Hang out on ET and brag about the fact that they ran for public office while blurting out 'nigger,' 'spic,' and 'kike?'
  2. That's why he got his arse kicked.

    No worries. The American people realize that this crap cannot be given power.

    I remember when David Duke was running in Louisiana. The NFL all but said they would take the Saints if this fool won.

    The rest is history.

    Racists just need to catch up with reality, and the rest of us should be generous enough to let them do so.
  3. But he didn't learn his lesson? He feels compelled to keep it up?

    He must be obsessive-compulsive.

    When I asked him what office he ran for, what district, etc., he got very defensive, almost as if he didn't want anyone to know about any of his personal information.

    He ran for public office but now wishes to withdraw from the public eye, and call people kikes, niggers and spics from the anonymity of his keyboard at home or wherever he is?
  4. Delete this dribble,no wonder the prick is already bumping 7000 posts.


    ps. edit: make that 8000 posts, 7000 was last week:)
  5. Are you an idiot? I've posted my name here-links to articles I've written, links to articles about me-a dozen or more times. On top of it no less than 40 people who frequent this site have spoken to me by phone or met me in person. Whereas you're a just some faceless, non-trading troll from...wait what was the line"I don't know what rock you've crawled from under but why don't you go back to Detroit....."

  6. Hey Kurt! Thanks for the tip, buddy.

    How does it feel to have to have Billy Rennick rush to your side?

    Ah, well, it's nice to know you lost your congressional bid. Your country thanks you.

    Nice to meet you.

    Good luck to you on your future political endeavors.