A peek at what Obama will say tomorrow about gun laws

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hughb, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Did IQ-47 get a lobotomy? His left hand doesn't seem to know what his right hand is typing. Might we find out that his right hemisphere is conservative and his left hemisphere is liberal? He could have some pretty interesting arguments with himself.
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  2. The post you quoted didn't state anything about it being important to me .Care to try again ?
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    You posted it, that implies it has some importance to you.
    Or were you just trolling?
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    I'm starting to wonder.
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  7. Rather then worrying about me your time would be better spend improving your own knowledge sport

    Clinton won the election after the shutdown

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  8. No,it doesn't imply that.Stating my opinion on an issue doesn't mean the issue is important to me

    Your assumptions are as bad as piss poors predictions
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    Obama?...Republicans? "Obama kicking Republicans ass". It is ALL you post about it is the ONLY reason you're on ET. Now you claim it's not important to you?

    Jeesuz H Christ!
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