A peek at what Obama will say tomorrow about gun laws

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  1. you mean like that loyal American mentality?

    ps. you've really gone insane.
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  2. His supporters have the collective long-term memory of a fish tank..
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  3. Republicans have been their own worst enemy, in some respects. It doesn't make Obama any more competent as a leader. Just a political hack.
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  4. Lucrum


    No one but his secret service agents that is.
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  5. Lucrum


    And that's what is important right now? Really? This isn't a sporting event kid.
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  6. pspr


    Quote from AK Forty Seven:
    I'll make it simple for you,Obama is fucking republicans like he has done the last 4 years

    And I thought it was Reggie Love. Are you sure it wasn't Reggie Love?
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  7. Please quote the post where I said that
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  8. I'm not surprised you think about that kind of stuff
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  9. Lucrum


    It was the post I already quoted.
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  10. Lucrum


    "BS in the AM" apparently stopped taking his meds recently.
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