A peek at what Obama will say tomorrow about gun laws

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    This article clearly states that he will call for a ban, but it does not say he will do it by executive order. I don't think he would try that with an executive order, but whenever you say a politician won't do "something that stupid", they go right ahead and do it. Surely he remembers the 1994 mid terms when Dems were thrown out of congress en mass. The NRA says they have added 250K members since the Newtown shooting and they are ready to fight. this will be interesting.
  2. When there is a mass murder by military style weapons with high capacity clips, the NRA's response is to get more of these weapons and clips in the hands of more people.
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    JUST the law abiding people who aren't abusing such weapons to begin with.
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    He didn't feel strongly enough about a ban to issue it by executive order, he wants congress to do it. His supporters will be upset for a little while.
  5. You know how Obama "feels" ?
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    I like some of the banter down here in the P&R forum, but you insane people who have formed thread-derailing teams are a little annoying. Back to topic please.

  7. His radical supporters, such as Emanuel, found out trying to rule by fiat will get you in trouble. I give Obama points for listening to the
    country. We'll see if he follows through, although I still can't stand the guy.
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    Tsing Tao

    No ban will happen. And the good thing about all of this is that gun manufacturers got some nice injections of capital during the whole craze. All it did was drive prices for rifles and ammo through the roof. Actually, Obama has been wonderful for gun manufacturers.

    Hopefully the prices will come back down a bit. Ammo is also really hard to find (5.56 especially) and it would be nice to get some of that again.
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    Obama wants to avoid taking the political hit on this.
    If he had his way no one would have guns.
  10. Disagree Hugh,I think he wants this to be an issue in the 2014 elections.Dems have low turn out in mid terms,this issue will fire up the leftist base to get out to vote.He's deciding what the 2014 fights are going to be,he'd rather talk about "common sense gun laws" and The GOP holding grannys SS check hostage rather then talk about the debt and deficit
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