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  1. Question: I have a 6 year old PC (HP with AMD Athlon XP processor). I use mostly to read news and to e-mail. Should I buy a new computer for trading or this is enough for swing trade?
  2. It still has enough horsepower for swing trading.

    Is your data end-of-day? Hourly?
  3. I would plug 1gig of RAM to it and empty a hard drive to speed it up a little.
  4. Thanks guys!

    My trade would be based on end-of-the day.
  5. On my 5 year old PC at home, I just swapped out the original 30GB hard drive for a 160GB for $40 and reinstalled XP on it.

    The performance improvement was remarkable. My wife said it was like I'd given it a brain transplant. Mostly I think it's due to going from having 15% free space to 90% free.

    A couple of years ago I upgraded the RAM from 1GB to 2GB. Again, it was a noticeable improvement.

    Newer processors aren't really faster. Even though my PC is 5 years old, it's still a 3GHz machine. New PCs are about the same.
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    As long as you got at least 512 ram and your not running Vista your good.
  7. i dont like to go over 3yrs on original hardware... if a new pc isnt your budget you should most definitely purchase a new HDD...
  8. Be sure to reinstall your OS. Makes a HUGE difference.
  9. I know that with XP the registry does get bigger and more convoluted over time. I really don't think these registry cleaners are worth it. A clean re-install is best.
  10. That is quite wrong. There is a LOT more to performance than just clock frequency.

    Recent CPUs are much faster than a five year old pentium.
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