A Ominous Side Effect of Ignore

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Joe Doaks, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Today I put Bat1, whoever he is, he is an asshole, on ignore for egregiously inflammatory misrepresentation of news. This was very sad for me, because his was the first new post on all of ET I have seen in two days. I must have everybody on ignore. Given my simple rule for putting people on ignore.....
  2. pspr


    Do you have me on ignore? .........Crap, you probably put me on ignor now just for asking. Right? ......Oh please, please don't put me on ignore. I can't take it anymore. Ok, Ok. Go ahead, I can take it.

    Ouch, ouch geezzz that hurts.
  3. :D :D :D
  4. rosy2


    how do you know who you have on ignore? I have put many many many people on ignore.
  5. No. I like posters who are unintentionally funny. Looks like the only way I will ever see any new threads on ET again is if I create them. I have this fantasy that the vast majority of ET dismembers, and three times their number of lurukers, are sitting back with their nails wet thinking "Will somebody please do me something?"
  6. Every now and then I switch to an old alias because I get tired of myself. Then I see all the shitheads I put on ignore with the previous alias that the older alias hasn't gotten to yet. That hugely increases the number of new threads I see. A commentary on the quality of ET, methinks. The place is filled with crgarcias.
  7. Redneck



    You should know by now being ignored ain’t no big deal – hell fact is I do it every day

    To myself…:p