A notice to the wet behind the ear fresh HS grads.

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  1. You don't become rich by.

    #1 Perpetually leasing an automobile.
    #2 Spending 80K to go to college.
    #3 Borrowing on the credit card for chinese goods and services.
    #4 Not working and saving.
    #5 Always buying new.
    #6 Trying to impress others.
    #7 Sitting around at home playing video games, surfing the internet.
    #8 By not self educating yourself every day, and learning something new.
    #9 By fearing failure.

    If you have any, add them for the noobs coming fresh out of HS.
  2. When did "becoming Rich" become the goal?
  3. I think plenty of people got rich by (while) doing #2, #3 (if you replace credit card with credit) and #6 (sales is important in business, you know).

    What exactly, may I ask, is your credential?

  4. Rich = Financial freedom. Not being a negative net worth slave working in a cubicle 40+ hours a day just to keep afloat.
  5. My credential, Child of poor immigrant family who hustled since 13 working and figuring out things and doing it on my terms, now comfortably wealthy on my merits not taking handouts or being born out of a wealthy family. School of Hard knocks :)

    America is the land of opportunity if your willing to avail yourself of the opportunities and work at it. Lots of Immigrants come into this country and do it.

    Lots of memories, I remember driving an old car that blew black smoke out of the tailpipe and having to use Marvel magic oil to keep things going. Lets see having to share one room with two brothers, being homeless for a month living in a station wagon(grand safari). working at night a few times a week helping deliver newspapers then going to school in the mornings. hands still dark sometimes from all the newsprint still left over from last nights work. Parents learning english from watching the news on a B&W TV screen.

    Too many unfortunately forget this fact.
  6. Only americans do that. Productivity in Europe is the same with 1/2 hours worked of americans. Americans in USA truly are slaves. No wonder there is no consumer organization enabling the common man. Socialism isn't that bad. Same productivity with half the hours worked for the common man.
  7. That's not a reasonable goal.

    By definition, the vast majority of people cannot achieve that, no matter what they do.
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  9. If you want to get to Oz, ask someone who has been there.

    Oh yea, one more, I read in a Japanese army field manual. You already know how to sleep so we won't be doing that here.
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    I was just checking and was surprized. European Union is higher. Nominal GDP is about 10% higher and population is about 5% lower.
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