A not too expensive TA software please

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for a not too expensive technical analysis software for real time charts. My needs are simple; need to do candles, draw support and resistances, simple moving averages, from 5 seconds to daily barcharts.

    The system prorealtime (prorealtime.com) is great but quite expensive: over 600EUR / year for one exchange about 1000EUR / year for 2 exchanges. I am looking to pay about 500EUR/year for 2 exchanges.

    Can someone advise a good charts software, reliable and cheaper than prorealtime?
    Alternatively, what do you think about the charts system provided for free with the OEC trading platform (http://www.openecry.com/software/softwarehighlights_chart.cfm). Do you think this is good enough and reliable? is this a problem to execute orders and draw charts using the same system?

    Many thanks
  2. pspr


    Ninja Trader is Free

    AIM is cheap

    Sierra Charts is popular
  3. GG1972



    check it out
  4. Quotetracker
  5. quotetracker for free

  6. Thanks guys for providing the names of the softwares.
    I am a bit lost on this. I went on quotetracker and it seems really weird, looks like they use other websites feeds... and I don't like it. It is free, but looks really bad quality. Ninja seems really bad quality too, it's free I know.

    I am used to prorealtime, it's a great system but really expensive. I am looking for a product similar in quality but with a cheaper price, say EUR 500 for eurex + cme.
    Prorealtime costs are as follow: EUR 645/year for eurex and EUR 1,204/year for eurex + cme.

    If you know a software of very good quality, easy to use like prorealtime, please let me know. Would need to draw charts for eurex and cme futures, on time interval from 3 seconds to daily. I am looking for something serious not something that will break down twice a week, really looking for something professional with nice charts.
  7. You're either a noob or a shill.

    Either way, you're a complete idiot for coming on here and running nonsense out of your mouth when you don't know what you're talking about.

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  8. No need for these insults!
  9. OEC's charting has come a long way and can be a great option if it does what you need. Doesn't sound like you need a lot, so it could work. I would download a demo and check it out.
  10. Hi brownsfan019

    I've done a demo with OEC. Their charts platform looks OK but I can't modify the size of the vertical axis and horizontal axis. Is there a way to loop, unloop these axis without using the loop funtionnality? On prorealtime, one need to scroll on the axis to make the candles closer to each other horizontaly or smaller vertically. I don't how how to do this on OEC.

    Also, I am looking for time interval in (x)seconds, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds, but OEC only has tick time interval and 1 minute time interval and nothing between the two. Is it possible to get in (x)seconds?

    Also, because I can't resize the vertical axis, if the emini ES is trading between 880 and 885, I can't draw support / resistance lines outside of the range, say on 930 or 840 because it won't let me see the screen above the higher price or below the lower price. Is there a way to resolve this?

    Many thanks
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