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  1. Be carefull.

    Since the can't short financials rule has taken affect the volume has completely evaporated. Everything you see is mostly amateurs. The proffesionals are sitting on the sidelines.

    The hedgefunds that have not gone under are not trading (can't hedge) , the credit markets are near frozen , a few banks have gone under...

    I make it a point not to have beliefs, but in my proffesionaly opinion, this market will capitulate once the bill is passed. Maybe on the same day, maybe a day or 2 after. Its coming and it will be ugly. Very ugly.

    The bill will not magicaly fix credit lockup overnight. The market wants to go down. The market is always right.

    The very fact that this market is going up a couple days on no volume should tell you a crash is imminent. When? Probably after the bill is passed and after a spike up. The bigboys are mostlikely trying to get suckers into the market, as well as squeezing the remaining shorts.

    Why am I telling you my gut feelings?

    I am actualy starting to like some of you tards on these boards.

    And fuck you if you dont like my opinions because you're long.
  2. Most professionals are smart enough to traverse to a trading instrument that's shortable instead of being on the sidelines.

    Simply, no big deal to them.

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    And they all stink as well..........
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    Thanks 99, I forgot to put that part in!