A newbie's path to learning options

Discussion in 'Options' started by lojze, Jan 16, 2015.

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    I am trading only stocks and YM futures right now, but I want to learn options also. What learning steps do you recommend?
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    Running shoes, so you can run fast, and far away from them.
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    I assume that all who wrote negatively about trading options are all well educated in the various options strategies ( non- directional, volatility plays, pre-earnings calendars, etc. ) and are not purely technical Forex traders.

    Please look further than comments on this forum as there are a few solid strategies that have less risk than any other trading instruments available and in fact are black swan resistant.
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  6. Many books (Amazon, ET), a lot of search (including ET), a lot of research, a lot of simulated trades, ask many questions (on ET or else), unlimited hours, etc., etc. --- Finally, may or may not get the right answers you want, because ... ! lol
  7. Jump in -- that's the quickest and best way to learn. :confused:
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    Not the wisest way...
  9. Why you want to learn to trade options? Are you profitable in YM?
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