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    some people maybe remember me that I made a few posts regarding wether I should trade in a prop firm or by my own.
    and alot of people helped me to figure out which suits me the best.

    I thank to all the people who answered my questions, made helpful advice, and gave me further recommendations.

    Thank you to Don bright, rtharp and others. I was hoping that I could work for a firm however, I decided to trade by myself because I rather not be separated with my family and my girlfriend because they means alot to me more than making money.

    ~abit of myself~
    Some maybe already notice I am not a white person, or black person from my english. I am a Japanese who stayed quite long in the United States but couldnt master how to speak english(and japanese too i have no mother tounge) properly (even I graduated from university there.) So please ignore the grammer mistakes or give me correct sentenses. I am also very young (i think!!) so I might need some advice in the future about life from elder wisdoms :>

    I wont be able to post all my trades in real time but I will try to post how I feel (emotion) when I enter a trade and exit and why(the resons) the end of days because I think it might help other traders who are new to this business.
    Also I may benefit from reviewing my records and responses other viewers make.

    I am in Japan, I have alot of disadvantage. the only good thing about here is that the internet connection is damn good. (I will have FTTH with 100/100Mbps connection speed and its about $150US per month now I am using 12Mbps DSL) but the data is travelling 6000 miles anyway...
    the worst thing is that I trade from 10:30pm to 5:00am in japan which means I need to stay awake all night and sleep in daytime....and it rains alot :<<<< (i miss So-Cal) Aphex said, in his journal page 43, there is no window (and the wall is orange) but I dont have sun out there during trading hours even I have 4 windows hehe :O

    I opened an account in Interactive Brokers, and I use Realtick 7.5
    I will going to write my journal from tomorrow 10/21/2002
    this is just an introduction :>

    Thank you.
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    ojo.... I do the same thing when it comes to posting, spelling and grammar...!!!!

  3. ojo,

    Why don't you trade hong kong index futures? Then you wouldn't need to stay up all night.
  4. ojo..

    i look forward to reading your journal.. i have traded from that side of the world, when i taught english in China.. the internet delay really isnt that big of an issue, but its easy to get ones days and nights mixed up trading those hours.. good luck :)

  5. ojo


    the reason why I havent tried to trade Asian stock or index futures is because I ve never seen them before and paper-traded Nasdaq/Dow stocks for long and I am very comfortable with them.

    But thank you for the advice. I am going to look if I can trade it with my strategy.

  6. ojo


    thank you for the replies

    I really appliciate and am very encouraged.

    today looked like a great day to trade.

    I was so excited to trade and yesterday i couldnt sleep enough (i almost vomit).....and this evening(morning in NY) I found that my money was not in the account yet.....even I wired last friday...maybe I wired the money from outside of the US and thats why.

    I think that the account balance will be updated soon and hopefully I will be able to trade tomorrow if I can find good set up.

    thank you for veiwing.....

    See you tomorrow.
  7. Just wanted to drop a line and wish you luck. I also live here in Japan (Tokyo) and have been here for about 5 years. I was here on secondment from the US (Dallas) but just recently became a local hire with the Japan firm (basically permanent now).

    Unfortunately, I still have a day job (with lots of overtime) but the time difference still lets me trade the US market (or at least the first hour or two. I am still very new (basically been a "lurker" on this forum trying to soak in knowledge [and hopefully some wisdom] for a while) to trading and have taken it very slow so far.

    By the way, be aware that the market hours will change for us here from 11:30PM to to 6AM when the time changes in the US (there is no daylight savings in Japan).

    I believe that there is at least one other person here from Tokyo on this board (LightningSmurf) who appears to have a lot of experience. The one good thing here is the technology as I have never had any issues with connection, etc. (and broadband is one of the few things actually not expensive in Japan).

    Good luck to you!
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    Thank you for the response, AllenCook :D

    I just made my first trade.
    and like someone advised me to start small, I decided to do so.

    INTC 500 shares Bought @15.22 sold @ 15.39

    the reason I entered long postion atm was INTC, and Compx were making Higher high and Higher low so I entered Buy order just after the price bounced from the trend lines. The reason I exited the trade was that COMPX break down through its trend line.

    at first when the market just opened, I was too nervous to trade and couldnt think of anything...but my Girl friend told me to deep breath and meditate for few mins and wait for good time to enter trade.....I really thank her...made me calm down.

    After the first trade I wanted to enter short @15.31 because the Dow and INTC followed COMPX and broke down through the trend lines. However yesterdays balance was 0 so I couldnt enter that trade. (I think that was the reason)

    now I am going to wait for another good moment to enter long position. I am very happy that my first trade was successful and I followed what I planed.

    Thank you for viewing and good luck to everyone!! :D

  9. ojo


    there was a mistake

    INTC 500 shares Bought @15.21 sold @ 15.39
  10. ojo,

    Congratulations on starting well. Some friendly advice: When you enter a trade, know in advance what will cause you to get out. It is difficult to think clearly when a trade is going against you, so you need to have the exit conditions in mind beforehand. Also, remember that the results of any one trade will not be that important to your overall results, provided you do not let it go too far against you.
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