A new way to think about predictions on the Index Futures!

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  1. As an index trader, you have to listen to this guys take on trading the ES, psychology, and how to react to information from gurus etc.! Fast forward the YouTube video to about the 1:20 mark. I really feel this is a refreshing take on things!!!


    Plus the guys other calls and advice are sharp also! The ES have just made more sense since I started listening!
  2. You must really like the guy because you've posted the same thing 4 or 5 times.
  3. Whenever he posts something I think is really good I share it. I've never really heard the market talked about the way he does. The approach just seems so different compared to many of the speakers out there. I learned about him from another member and figured I share my feelings and findings the same way! It's so hard to find good resources.
  4. SnP500Trader is in the process of starting a pay service while enlisting the help of some of his current YouTube subscribers. Thus the need to drive traffic to his YouTube videos. Get 'em hooked for free now, then...

  5. MDT you're right, he is starting or has a video course or mentoring service of some sort. From what I can see though his information has been as valuable if not more than many of the existing pay services I've dealt with. Plus I personally have learned a lot from what he's posted. In the few months he's been on YouTube he's got 450 or more subscribers so he can't be a complete waste of time or nobody would have subscribed to him. Anyways, I thought it was helpful info.
  6. Lucrum


    The number of subscribers doesn't necessarily mean that much.
    James Warren "Jim" Jones had over 900 "subscribers", of course almost all of them are dead now.
  7. I respect the opinions of fellow ET members which is why I'm here. And Lucrum, you're too funny and you're right. My point is if he's selling videos, books, whatever, so what. So does every other business in the world. And it's helped me personally, and others seem to be happy with him as well based on their posts on his site and elsewhere, like here, where I found out about him.

    So if he is providing what I consider helpful information, free or otherwise, that I like, I'm just judging him for that. Nobody has to listen to him if they don't want to. Noone has to buy anything from him if they don't want to. To this point, I'm still a big fan of his because of his approach and what I've learned. Sometimes it just seems like we are a very cynical bunch because of all the dirt that is out there. We don't give anybody a chance.
  8. It's all well and good that you find SnP500Trader's YouTube videos helpful...but there comes a point where creating a new thread daily to drive traffic to his videos becomes SPAM.

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    He took JH and spydertrader fraud course on suckering in fools. :)
  10. MDT, certainly not trying to be a spammer. Hate them too. I did post a link Saturday from his video on Thursday or whatever. Then the guy turned around and made a part two so when I saw that on Sunday, I posted the update is all. I won't say anything else cause I'm not trying to spam, just be helpful. Good luck.
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