A New Way to Combat Illegal Immigration?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoePaterno, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Was reading the WSJ about the Arizona immigration laws, and they for some reason had a picture of convicts near a fence next to it.

    Then it struck me, what if we took something like

    1) on a volunteer basis - acquire up to 500,000 current prisoners, convicted of non-violent crimes, having 3-10 years left on their sentence and having VERY good behavior in prison
    2) Put nonremovable tracking devices on each ankle, each wrist and their neck. They are all intercommunicatory. If you try to remove one, the others blow up
    3) They are only allowed to patrol in practically uninhabited regions (GPS - tied in to their tracking devices). For each 3-5 prisoners, a border agent is assigned, and has 24-hour monitoring access to all prisoners, via their tracking devicecs.
    4) They are equipped with food, water, night-vision goggles, and other surveiillance gear.
    5) For EACH illegal immigrant they capture (nonviolently), they shave 6 months off their sentence. For each LEGAL immigrant they capture, their sentence INCREASES 6 months. This is to keep them from hauling in every latino in site. They will quickly learn the difference. I suspect a lot of them will take up residence right on the border, to nab people who are actually crossing over, like on the border
    6) Prisoners who prove to be very good at nabbing illegals (and thus, reduce their sentence to nothing) also have the right to compete for border agent positions, a shot at a real job when they get out.
    7) Any prisoner who commits a crime will lose all privileges and sentence reduction so far earned. Any prisoner who takes part, and gets out of prison and is then again convicted of a future crime, cannot again participate in this program.

  2. too much trouble.

    just round the mf's up and ship them back.

    is that so hard?

    we've been sodomized and told to smile about it.
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    Our politicians have allowed/promoted the invasion. Seems to me as though we have two sets of criminals on our hands here.

    Let's see now...what is the most severe penalty for treason?
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    Put a $5000 bounty on illegals, play the rest of the chips where they land..
  5. Shoot trespassers on sight. Soon, illegals will stop violating our border laws.
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    Not bad but our federal government has NO interest whatsoever in stopping the invasion. Until WE THE PEOPLE take back our government NOTHING of substance will be done with this problem.
  7. Exactly right.

    Of course, the administration wants to add 20-40 million illegals to the voting rolls precisely to drown out our voices.
  8. Why not do one better, A 50K fine for the first offense, and 50K for each additional offense.

    When you hit Business where it hurts, they will not want to hire illegals.

    If you remove the incentive they will not come.
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    I'm with you on that Scat. Put that fence up and jack the magazine into that AR-15.
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