A new use for the mentally disabled

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  1. We've heard of the Palestinian scum doing this, and now, in Iraq . . . despicable . . .

    BAGHDAD (AP) - Two mentally retarded women strapped with remote-control explosives—and possibly used as unwitting suicide bombers—brought carnage Friday to two pet bazaars, killing at 73 people in the deadliest day since Washington flooded the capital with extra troops last spring.

  2. This comes as no surprise at all. I fully expect to hear of children being so utilized very soon if it isn't happening all ready.

    Segue to the ET moonbats saying the "freedom fighters" are just doing what's necessary to defeat our imperialist occupation, and that we would do exactly the same thing (or worse) if we had been invaded.
  3. I mentioned this yesterday, and our resident Arab apologist Waelo couldn't make up a suitable answer.

    Because there is no suitable answer. No answer that is acceptable to civilized people....only a pathetic animal would use a retarded adult as a way to kill others.

    These are the kind of folks who should be exterminated. That kind of sickness should be stopped and those animals prevented from reproducing...

    I don't care how far back in history you arabs go to justify your sick agenda, THIS isn't acceptable to our civilization...period..
  4. Yes, Wael is in a very bad spot. There is no explanation, no way to justify the barbaric acts of the radical Muslims. I asked him a while back to explain it. He said that he posted a reply but it got erased (??). I asked him to repost and he said he would... but guess what? He somehow didn't get around to it.

    If you ask him today why the bloodthirsty Muslims radicals kill others with such frequency (Jews, Christians, non-believers, young Muslim moderates, and mostly other Muslims who don't tow the radical line), Wael typically responds in the following way.


    That would be about it. What else could he say?

    This latest crime is no surprise to anyone who has followed the progression of murder, terror and religious subjugation that has characterized Wael's heroes for the past few decades.
  5. Their weapons are hate, racism and prejudice. We gain nothing using their weapons by us on them.
  6. I guess I get your message. I disagree.

    We need to take them out...and as soon as possible

    or they will take us out.. Its about that simple

    Being nice and playing by the rules is how you get killed where "they" come from.
  7. Hey there,
    Any of you guys got a link or something to information on how the reporters found out about these scum using poor defenseless mentally retarded women as human bombers? Some sort of background on the women?
    Did the terrorist kidnap these women from the insane asylum or something?
    Any help would be great!

    I'd sure like to have something to beat over the heads of these anti-american muslim lovers.
  8. There was a time in my life when I would have agreed with you. However, if the modern era (post industrialization) hasn't been able to civilize the tribal instinct out of these people, what do you think is going to do it? Talk therapy? Pointing out to them that since we feel mini-skirts are okay, they shouldn't want to chop our heads off if we allow them to be worn? Suggesting to them that if a 19 year-old young woman decides that she wants to engage another free citizen in conversation, and that citizen happens to be a man, that she doesn't deserve to have her spinal cord snapped in half? Requesting that they refrain from strapping explosives to young teenage men and sending them into pizza parlours where innocent civilians are having lunch, thereby blowing the lunching civilians into pieces of meat? Do you think that will convince them that what they're doing is wrong?

    When you say 'using hate, racism and prejudice', if you mean that we shouldn't take an aggressive stance against them and treat them as if they're the enemy, I disagree. They are the enemy, since they have sworn publicly to kill us because of our way of life (and please, nutmeg, I hope you won't debate this point - they have repeatedly said that Westerners are infidels and will be killed. Their murder of innocent non-Muslims is only matched by their murder of other Muslims who don't buy into their tribal screed).
  9. I agree with your thoughts Trader. I wasn't advocating talk therapy although I may have given that impression, there is not much hope in any dialogue. My few replies to Wael were obviously heading into the black hole of no point, as I expected.

    My post refered to the fact, do we need to hate every single person? A lot of creative energy is lost in hating an entire race, religion or uniting a country against a single whatever. Do we need to feel anything? They are just different belief. Just eliminate as we go, consequences of their actions, no looking back.
  10. With regard to the first statement, I hear you. I just like to take my turn proclaiming the truth. If we work in shifts we can always shout down the maniacs.

    With regard to the second statement, I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, but if you're saying that these people just have a different belief system than ours and we should all just try to get along, I strongly disagree. I've made my feelings on moral relativism clear enough, when the Disgusting Alcoholic Troll started espousing it before backing off recently.
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