A New US Federal Tax Proposed :eek:

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    One right out of three tries is failing in my score book. True I am sort of pink in skin color at least.

    Since when has total elimination of all corporate taxation (and their associated tax lawyer expenses) been high on the "commie agenda" ? :D

    If "fag" has it usual reference, and it is true that: "It takes one to know one." What does that make you? :confused: or :cool:

    However, if you are a "fag," I could not know because of the "It takes one to know one" principle.
    (Not that I have anything bad to say about “fags” I cannot even identify.)

    PS - the main stupidity in the current tax code is that it is really "central planning" of the economy, but so well disguised that not many see this. I.e. the "tax consequence" strongly influences almost every significant economic decision you make.
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