A New Undicator

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  1. Following hot on the heels of Ultindicator, Ultosculator and Volataility, we are pleased to introduce the inaugural study in a new class of tools called Undicators. We begin with PROLUME, which see below in the bottom pane of the chart. When PROLUME is predominantly green, you should be long. When PROLUME is predominantly red, you should be short. When neither is the case, you are permitted to lose money trading SCT.
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    Oooo, more useless squiggly lines. Good luck with your new indicator.

  3. Thank you, Opiumeater. And it's an UNdicator, thank you!

    You can never have too many squiggly lines, as eventually price will become distracted and trip over one.

    Encouraged by the lack of response, I will tomorrow introduce DAILY PROLUME, which is an immensely useful tool for unindicating unturning points.
  4. Excellent!!
    This could well be a perfect adjunct to my patented "underbought/undersold" indicator.
  5. You GET it, Anonymous Acronymous! If EasySignal's NQ #F weren't fucked up tonight, I would post an unsample of the inutility of my new undicator. In all truth, you will find it underwhelming. I use it to great effect to avoid undertrading.
  6. Sweet jesus I'm going to untell no one about this ununbelievable unvention!
  7. It sounds ideal-you see, my approach relies on assessing support with vast repositories of historical levels, via a modified donchian channel, with price itself, after tabulations, deleted entirely.
    This provide's a clear view of where price not only currently isn't, but even where it never has been, and wasnt!

    I believe this is crucial to setting maximum gain profit targets.

    I call it "Supp-ository Calculus Theory".
  8. Finaaly! I experience the thrill Jack has of finding the perfect acco-lites!
  9. Well, not perfect- i havent yet established how to integrate volume, or more importantly, lack of volume into this approach.
    Because if a market is doing "something", on low volume, that suggests those somebodies, doing something, will likely keep doing it! This is ideal for taking cash out of easy setups, but higher volume, or volume spikes are baffling, not nearly as predictable.

    Consequently, Ive only managed to come up with
    "Check Resistance And Pray" as a strategim for such volume, though im not sure it work's so reliably as to be given a name, as a compononent of "supp-ository/volume " calculus theory.

    For a long term holder, im sure it would be something of a releif to suddenly have your positions flushed with excess liquidity, but i dont know........trying to combine all these approaches, every day could cause extraordinary fatigue.

    Is it worth it?

  10. Good lord, don't do that, at least until its esablished the UNDicators parameters arent changed every day!
    That kind of curve fitting could leave a nasty stain on the results, after all many people could be left holding paper they dont want or need............and im sure they could be quite browned off at such capers.

    I can only suggest, keep this unvention under your hat, or ummm.....maybe thats not such a great idea either, but you get the drift. Or, you could stand upwind, a more practical solution.:)
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