A New Undicator: NMA

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Joe Doaks, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. The disappointing lack of acceptance of my Undicator series by the SCT community has emboldened me to continue my development efforts apace. Therefore I am displeased to introduce my latest unvention, the Non-Moving Average. Moving averages have the disadvantage that they MOVE, wiggling confusingly all over the price landscape. The difficulty I have always experienced interpreting these wiggles unspired me to unvestigate what happens if the average DOESN'T move. The astonishing success of this unsight is evident in the attachment, where report and desistance are much more clearly recognizable. My best to Jack and Spydertrader, who have been the unspirations for my trading excess these many years.
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  3. An example from today's 5 minute ES of the power of the Non-Moving Average to identify report and desistance. A powerful adjunct to SCT IMO. It is quantitative, definitive, and crayon-wide.
  4. Hey Joe.

    I haven't seen you in a while. Missed you at the Expo. I even had a half gallon of Stoli. Maybe, next time around, you'll have an opportunity to attend? Tell your other sixteenth to give me a ring. It's time he started to scale up.

    - Spydertrader
  5. What first language do you write Joe? Just curious, no ill intentions or anything. You wrote certains words in a way I have never seen them written before (but english is not my first language).
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    Which is probably why the humor is lost on you. Note how the title is a new "UN"dicator, instead of 'IN"dicator. The humor can be found in his very tongue-in-cheek announcement of an indicator he developed. To further his humor, he replaced almost all 'in's with 'un's, to make works like 'inspired' 'unspired'.

    Now you get it! :p
  7. Alas, Spydertrader, I am lost in the wilds of LA (Lower Alabama) half-heartedly eluding the advances of fat country girls while I scheme with big binness to increase the federal deficit to achieve reverse wealth distribution. Something for everyone and a little for me. Not exactly the Great White Way, but the barbecue definitely is better, and the women have lower standards. Another time, perhaps.
  8. Thanks for deaf-ending me, Corey. IAh needs alla hep ah kin git. And, no, Risk Free, English is not my native language. I grew up speaking Alabamian with an Arkansian accent, neither of which helped when I had to learn Texian. But you all miss the point. Just becuase I am widely regarded to be an idiot, no one bothered to ask about the mathematical basis for the Non-Moving Average. It is really quite sensical, and quite computical as well. I will continue posting examples until it catches on.
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    I find your post very funny.
  10. tack you Joe. Naw me undertoood butter your massage hear unto thus forum.:D
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