A New *Truth* on Trading... This week= Profitable Every Day!

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  1. Well, with the work of my new mentor, I have been making a profit virtually every day and am not allowing myself to take any losses( any large ones, small ones are ok if worse comes to worse)

    Pretty much my days last week look like this:

    Monday : 40 pts. roughly = $600 on YM went long based off bullish theme

    Tuesday : 30-35 pts roughly =$500 long on YM based off bullish theme

    Wednesday: 5 points = $50 was long on ym lost $ on dip but regained back on long at another later point

    Thursday = 30-40 pts = $600 Short on YM / long on tbills(inverse correlation between the two i notice)

    Friday = 30-40pts on ZB(tbills) + ZN + short on ym = $1,500(tbills have a large per point/dollar value) long on tbills (stayed through a nice volume spike up which is very common with government bonds. and lastly, went short on dow towards 12ish or a little later and rode the ride down.

    So, thank you mentor and thank you ET for being like a family i've never had.

    love you guys!

    ps: let's see if next week will offer some good trading oppurtunities for us all!

  2. Care to share your method or your mentor's name?

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    Your point-profit values don't make sense. Are you using 3 contracts for each trade? 40 YM points = $200, not $600.

  4. Congrats on the turn around!

    What would you say the experience with your mentor changed the most? Your EQ, technical insight, trading style, expectations?
  5. sorry i dont really have exacts this is an estimate. i don't think i put all my trades down either but do remember on average that those were my profits.. thanks
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    Your credibility is slipping...
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    could it be?
  8. no one cares...
  9. from a statement like that, you definatly seem like someone who passes a lot of judgement on others and i prefer not to associate around with that. thanks for sharing though.
  10. hey bud why don't you just speak for yourself instead of trying to be the hearder of the sheep.. you don't speak for everyone else. you only speak for yourself. and if you personally don't care, i don't care to see you post on this thread.

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