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  1. Those of ye faithless who have followed my journey from comfortable middle class existence to utter penury through futures trading surely will recoil that most of my trading systems in the past two years have come to me in dreams. That those dreams were champagne-fueled is not relevant. What is, is that some few of those dreams have made me money. Not as much as the others lost, but that is a work in progress. Tonight, I woke bolt upright in the bed, which is a hard thing to do, because all my wife's cats sleep on me for my body heat because I can no longer afford to heat the house. Like Yahweh commanding Moses, I distinctly heard booming out clearly the word "triosgenation." Pronounced try-oz-juh-na-shun. I will share with you what it means when I figure it out. I am not daunted by the fact that I heard it just as my sugur high was peaking. I am pretty sure that it describes a condition in price where three key parameters are osgenating. Which three, I have a hunch. And I am pretty sure they are not osgenating sinuously.
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    Senor Deco,

    Dwell not so intently upon triosgenation as upon "a new trading term". Your dream, though influenced by vine and feline, draws you into a new trading term, which originates not* from such, yet perhaps offers you the incentive to abandon your 1-second charts in favor of a more staid and stodgy form of precision gaming!

    Consider a long term investment in GLD (stationing ore *) or if a stonier ingot* is preferred, TIE; a swing in soybeans, after which you might have arisen tooting*; or a stint in Boeing, possibly accompanied by the aural hallucination of a rotating noise*.

    Keep in mind the dream state is often the portal to, and obfuscatory agent of, alien abduction scenarios, through which triosgenation could simply be your muddled mind's way of describing goat insertion*.

    Then again, considering the rapid degeneration of your posts on ET, it's possible you are simply easing into rot* by way of gin retina soot*. Perhaps you need some toastier gin, no?*



    *Many thanks to Wordsmith for their delightful lovely anagram finder.
  3. What you preceive as my vapid degeneration is not a levitous subject. I am in fact fading fast. So fast that I cannot unravel mammograms as fast as I used to. Care to help me? I am sure they are clever. It took all of my waning brainpower today to see that triosgenation was already on my screen, but in nascent form. The first element of the triad is a geriatric first order infinite impulse response filter crossing over a pricy volume/voluminous pricing indicator. The second is the same IIR filter crossing over a crude median filter (in truth I think it should be called a Medean filter, because it was already well-known at the time of the Medes and the Persians). Curiously, these Boolean (boozean?) relations do not imply a relationship between the PV/VP indicator and the Medean filter. The third element of the triad is the worst derivative of the IIR filter. The fourth element is not actually a factor in triosgenation per se, but it functions like a crude aleatoric selector (sometimes known as a coin flip) to decide if the trisogenation is sinuous or cosinuous. Fortunately, triosgenation is neither tangeous nor cotangeous, which would require an excursion into higher order imaginary algebra. This recognized a short at 2:54 ET today, which I found most astonishing. If only I had not been passed out cold.

    I neglected to note that this new phenomenon is only useful when the day has degenerated into afternoon chaos. This is of no interest to me in and of itself, except that it is an alternate exit strategy for the all-day systems which are my bread and butter. I do so hate it when price rolls out of a midday consolidation aginst my position, especially if, as previously noted, I am otherwise decapacitated.
  4. Just FYI, Ijnood, a sinuous long triosgenation occurred at 10:08 ET today. Without the help of the aleatoric selector, I must add, not entirely disinsinuously. That it occurred on the breakout of the previous high is entirely irrelevant.
  5. This morning's breakout reminds me of an inservation I meant to make last night. Unfortunately I became incapassitated and my insight was almost lost forever. Most novice traders are well aware from the literature and from certain highly disreputable ET sources that midday congestions often take the form of so-called bull or bear flags, from which price more or less irregularly breaks out in continuation. More experienced traders are constantly asking themselves, "Is this apparent bull flag rally a horse flag?" or "Is this putative bear flag really a cow flag?" That healthy doubt is confirmed by the the nephomenous nuomenon of the "snakeout" from the now recognized horse or cow flag.
  6. no idea you're penurous Arthur, isn't catching is it ?

    AHAAAA ! "three key parameters are osgenating" I know exactly what you mean -
    it's the secret of - ooops ! - we're not , , , are we ? breath in sympatico ???

    no, no; I can see we're not " . . . confirmed by the the nephomenous nuomenon of
    the "snakeout" from the now recognized horse or cow flag." had you but said 'dung'
  7. Penurious? I wish I were! I haven't a penury to my name! In retrospect, that is probably how I came to this sad pass: "In for a penury, in for a pound."

    Breath in sympatico? It feels more like my desperate attempts to oxygenate with deep breaths to keep from puking when I fall out of bed every morning. That may be the twisted origin of triosgenation: trying for oxygen generation.
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    Good God, Arthur! Do you have any idea the effect it has on me when a gentleman says anything to me with the root "alea" in it???
  9. You'll have to help me here, sweetie. Are you reefering to the Latin "alea?" And if so, to which daffynition? It is happy hour somewhere, if not here, and I have already started. If not the Latin alea, then I am 54 years out of date, as I lernt Latin and al-jabr and girls at twelve, and not much of anything utile since. I was fortunate to be guided to study things which haven't changed. An example of Latin and women. I go to a crowded bar. The total of accompanied and unaccompanied women is 20. The unaccompanied women are half as good looking as the unaccompanied ones. My minimum standard for looks is a three out of ten. Should I start with the singles or the accompanieds? And hope I don't have to use my best line: "And how are your alea feeling tonight, my dear?"
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    You stopped me cold with the word "reefering" which I realize is risky and uncertain, much like certain Latin roots.

    I haven't traded POT for months and I'm possibly suffering with drawl.

    In a bar, you might find me accompanied or unaccompanied, and I care not how I look, as long as I'm hanging out at a decent joint and you offer me azaleas.

    My husband accuses me of hitting the bars way too much. I explain that I rarely hit a bar greater than 5-min, and that an acquaintance of mine hits more bars in 5 mins than I hit in a full day.

    "That don't make it right," says he.
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