a new trading office in Israel

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by traderJ, Feb 18, 2004.

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    a new trading office opened in Israel. Located in a convenient new office building in Jerusalem. The company offers good commissions and a good system in trading NYSE. For more info. please contact me.
  2. Tell us about your good commissions.
  3. And tell us about your system too. Let me guess: you scalp 10,000 shares a position for 0.02c profit. A can't lose system!

    And also tell us about your desk fees.

    And tell us about your volume requirements, for which you will kick out the traders who don't meet them every month.

    And tell us why you can't afford to put on a decent ad, and instead you post about it in a completely non-commercial forum.
  4. why are you so mean with this brother trader? He just wants to inform us that there is a prop firm in Jerusalem.

    traderj ,

    do you offer an UZI and a body armor to your traders ?
  5. because, my friend, if my posts will deter even one single trader from going to those crooked trading offices, then I have earned my place in heaven.

    but traderj and his alikes shouldn't worry, because as we all know, there'll always be enough suckers.

    it's also a good mental exercise to release all your negative energies in the prop forum and then you are all clean and serene in your trading and in your spare time. try it sometime.

    PS I think israel is cool i visited there once. nice chicks there
  6. well we have several traders in Israel, their some of the best we have in terms of annual performance, not a "branded' office but a group that trades through us.

    Security is an issue their and when we travel their of course....

    rttrader1 -
  7. traderJ


    like Kicking says I just wanted to put upa simple post about the new office. I just started there myself not a scam like other offices, i am not in the management, and most of all there is no pressure for anyone to trade there, just a new opportunity to check out with no obligation. They are even wiling to put up money for some of the newbies coming in.
  8. traderj, hope all traders do well!

    a trading office not crooked? i'll believe it when i see it. however, traders who use their common sense should do well anyway.

    good trading!
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    It would be cool to trade from Israel. Alas, for me, maybe in another life...

  10. yrs ago I remember checking out one of the daytrading firms
    and one of the many mutual fund firms for a handle on
    what they were looking for as far as employment

    do not think any firms in Israel can compete with
    cost structure of USA firms .... but maybe times have
    changed ?
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