A new strategy for Iran regarding the price of oil.

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  1. It could create a "buying panic" just as easily as a "selling panic". Wait and see.
  2. I wonder what Iran's strategy would be if Israel dumps a few nukes on their heads.
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    FortuneTeller: I wonder what Iran's strategy would be if Israel dumps a few nukes on their heads.


    SouthAmerica: I don’t think the Israelis are that stupid. But I could see George W. Bush doing such a thing, but the Israelis are smarter than that.

    Even a normal air strike by Israel on the Iranian nuclear facilities would kill millions of Iranians, because of the area where these facilities are located in Iran.

    It does not matter what Israel does at this point – Israel would still come out as the loser.

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    The Israeli army had much world clout and was ranked among the best armies around the world, but that was before July 2006 when they proved during that war that they could not beat the Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.

    Since then the Israelis military power has been reduced to fighting from the air with its Air Force and that is it.

    Israel just did some military exercises to show that they are capable of doing a bombing run against the Iranian nuclear facilities.

    But the reality is that in the old days when Israel had actual military clout – Israel would not be doing military exercises and instead Israel would be doing the actual bombing of their targets as they did in Iraq against Saddam’s nuclear facilities.

    The Chinese have been doing military exercises around Taiwan for decades to scare them off.

    When a country is doing military exercises to scare another country usually they are just full of shit and nothing else.

    If you think that military exercises to scare other countries are effective then you should ask Fidel Castro how afraid he is of the military power of the United States and you have your answer.

    What Israel is doing with its military exercises to scare Iran reminds me of a saying in Brazil: “a dog that barks usually they don’t bite.”

  6. Asking Fidel anything would be futile as I think he is as dead as a doornail.

    Interesting you say "a dog that barks USUALLY they don't bite". This still means there is a chance of a "bite".

    Time will tell if Israel bombs Iran or not. Who knows, maybe you are right and GWB will bomb them instead to have some fun before leaving office. Or maybe they are waiting for McCain to get in before doing it.
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    In my opinion the US government is Pathetic. As the US government is cutting the budgets for all kinds of domestic programs, including Medicare, Medicaid and so on…

    The US still is sending a lot of money to help Israel. For a long time Israel has been the largest annual recipient of US foreign aid.

    In turn, the Israelis are taking this money and are wasting in military exercises to show that they are capable of reaching Iran for some kind of bombing run and getting back to Israel – they did that with 100 F-16’s plus the refueling tankers.

    When you consider that gasoline is trading at US$ 140 dollars per barrel and airplane fuel are very expensive then Israel did spend a ton of money with these F-16’s exercises.

    Since the F-16’s required refueling in the air to be able to return to Israel then they used these fighter jets for a run longer than the 1,000 miles regular range for these airplanes.

    If we use 1,500 miles for round trip for each fighter jet they would need at least 18,000 pounds of fuel or 2,700 gallons of jet fuel at about US$ 4.50 per gallon.

    Including the refueling airplanes plus the 100 F-16’s this Israeli military exercise it did cost the US taxpayer US$ 1.5 million dollars in jet fuel alone.

    I find it interesting how Americans don’t have a better way to spend the money that they borrowed from China other than give it to Israel as foreign aid to be pissed away like this.


    Note: On an average flight from Los Angeles to New York, a Boeing 767 burns around 50,000 pounds of fuel. Jet fuel weighs about 6.7 pounds per gallon, so that’s 7, 463 gallons. (Info from: http://www.alliedpilots.org/Public/Topics/Issues/is_17.pdf )

    Info from US Air Force website:

    The F-16 can fly more than 500 miles (860 kilometers), deliver its weapons with superior accuracy, defend itself against enemy aircraft, and return to its starting point. An all-weather capability allows it to accurately deliver ordnance during non-visual bombing conditions.

    Fuel Capacity: 12,000 pounds with two external tanks (5,443 kilograms)

  8. So are your threads and your commentaries
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    Talking about being clueless, I just read some of your postings on the following thread:

    “Gas prices will fall to 2 dollars..”

    I would not waste my time even if someone offered to pay me to read your commentaries.

    But I can see that you still interested in reading my postings. If my postings were as bad as you say then you would not be reading these postings.

    I don’t have time to read stuff that is not worth my time – like your postings.
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