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    Actually, the Last Price is located in the Price column and, due to the TT patent infingement, is centralize by Ask or Bid
    So, the DOM is in dynamic mode.

    Well....My idea is very simple:

    If you create a new column ...." the Last column" centralize by Aks or Bid, you'll have a STATIC DOM that (IMO) does not infringe any TT patent! :cool:


    What do you think?

    I also suggest to complete the Dom with the Bid/Ask Ratio
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    Any comments?
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  4. so are you saying s/r should do this are can you do it now? i agree a dynamic dome sucks when things moving fast and youw ant to do a limit as many times you get hit at a wrong price
  5. I applaud the addition of a "Bid/Ask" ratio (NinjaTrader may add this very soon).
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    good ideas. But...how do you lift an offer or hit a bid?
  7. I like the center on bid/ask. It's annoying to have to roll the wheel on NT when it's out of range. You have to shadow price and then roll, pain in the butt. TransAct does that nice, but that's about it IMO. You know TT has the patent on static dome, right? You would have to pay to have a static dome?
  8. I have never seen a pre-programed LIFT BID or LOWER OFFER button, but its a good idea. You could have it programmed for one tick moves.
  9. Not sure that SR offers bid/ask ratio. I know it's not built into my lite version 3.1.1.
    Would be interested to hear if others are using it, what version?
  10. How does IB get away with their static DOM (i.e., BookTrader)? Did they reach a settlement with TT or are they somehow not in violation of the patent?

    I just started using NinjaTrader, and for the most part it's a vast improvement over BookTrader. The only catch is that I'm paying $0.10 per side to use the static DOM instead of that irritating standard dynamic DOM (all that wobbling around is headache fuel).
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